The Lord of the Rings
The One Ring
Includes a Certificate of Origin signed by Thorkild Hansen, son of son of the late Jens Hansen - original One Ring designer and creator

Available without any markings on the inside of the ring, identical to the screen used ring.

Different sizes and carats also available, or the identical 18k size 11 one that was seen mostly through the movie.

Also availible is the exact chain used in the film to carry the ring.

This is THE most accurate ring available
The Lord of the Rings is based on the story of the One Ring, so it stands that if there is only One Ring, there must also be only one creator, and the original designer and maker for the ring used in the Peter Jackson movie trilogy The Lord of the Rings was Jens Hansen - Gold & Silversmith of Nelson New Zealand.

"My father knew and loved The Lord of the Rings and was very excited when he heard that Peter Jackson was going to film it in New Zealand, then came a phone call asking if he would make the One Ring and he was thrilled and honoured"
Thorkild Hansen.

The movie's Art Direction team (later nominated for an Academy Award for their work on the set) first approached Jens Hansen in March 1999. From here 15 prototypes were submitted, they all boasted the same elegant simplicity but came in a variety of weights and finishes. From this extensive collection a decision was made and the final design for the One Ring was selected.

Jens and his son Thorkild then had to make the One Ring scaled for different scenes and sized to suit the various owners of the Ring. We all know that there is only One Ring, but for the film over forty variations were needed. From smaller solid gold versions that perfectly fit Hobbit's fingers, to the one seen in the prologue spinning and turning through the air. With a diameter of a massive eight inches this ring obviously couldn't be made of solid gold, so steel was used, it was cut on a lathe and then plated.

JensHansen is not an authorized or official licensee for any of the Lord of the Rings movie jewellery or merchandise, and we would hate to add to any confusion regarding the marketing or ownership rights of the One Ring. However, since the high profile launchs of the Fellowship of the Ring,  Two Towers, and Return of the King, interest and requests from discerning individuals has been so high, that they have decided to make faithful replicas for those who wish to own the genuine article.

To be the original designers and makers of the One Ring is something they are exceptionally proud of. The One Ring available here has been created with the same dedication, passion and craftsmanship as the original. The elegant simplicity of the design, the weight and quality of gold used are identical. Make NO mistake, when JensHansen hand-makes your One Ring, it is the perfect reproduction of the ring you've seen onscreen in the trilogy.  It is an absolute reproduction, correct in every detail, right down to NOT including any elvish inscription  this is because the writing that appeared in the movie was actually added in post-production as a computer generated special effect. To remain faithful to the original storyline and idea the movie makers asked us not too use any engraving on the One Ring. 

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