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Please make sure you read the TERMS OF SALE.

There is an extra 4% handleing fee that is added on ALL online orders.  If TSV sold items at retail prices or just under retail price, the 4% fee wouldn't be an issue.  But, because we offer them at such low prices, if people want to pay online, the extra 4% that The Saber Vault gets charged to use their service must be added.  If you would like to save that extra 4% you can also pay with money orders.  Ship money orders to:

The Saber Vault
Attn. Jeff Johnson
P.O. Box 610214
D/FW Airport, TX 75261-0214

If a refunds is warranted, item(s) paid for online will receive back the full amount including the extra 4%.  The 4% shows up as 'tax' on the online invoice invoice.  Unfortunatly the system does not allow this particular label to be changed.

Thank you for your time, and I can personally vouch as a collector myself that you will be 100% pleased with all products that The Saber Vault sells.  All items here are something I believe to be of high quality and accuracy.  If you have any questions, please email.