Jack Sparrow Pirate Beads
Pirates of the Caribbean Edition
Replica costume prop from Pirates of the Caribbean

Moroccan style beads with a touch of the exotic

Brass antique-finish charm making; entire item 3” long
Once again, Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann battle human -- and inhuman -- foes in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Jack has made a deadly deal with Davy Jones, evil ruler of the ocean and captain of the ghostly Flying Dutchman. The only way to break it is to find the key to the chest that holds Jones' heart. But villainous pirate-hunter, Lord Cutler Beckett, is after the chest, too. Their courses collide at the place where mystery, myth, danger and daring meet.

Captain Jack Sparrow isn’t just bold and brave, tricky and witty, he does know how to look dashing even when the “ships are down.” Now his pirate beads of colorful, exotic Moroccan beads and a coin medallion is available as an authentic replica from Master Replicas. Dangle them from a keychain or invent your own way to treasure them. Add Jack Sparrow’s Long Hair Charm to your collection for a head start on buccaneer appeal.
Retail Price $10.00