Jack Sparrow Dragon Ring
Pirates of the Caribbean Edition
Replica ring prop from Pirates of the Caribbean

Carved dragon coils around a pale glass center and forms
the ring.

Antiqued cast metal conveys a subtle gleam of power.

The moment Captain Jack Sparrow sailed into our consciousness in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Search for the Black Pearl, the dashing daredevil captured not just ships and treasures but also our imaginations. Bold, clever and as swift with a quip as with his sword, jaunty Jack has become a symbol of independence, cleverness and courage.

Get noticed with an authentic replica of Captain Jack Sparrow’s dragon ring.
Take a tip from Captain Jack Sparrow. Great jewelry gets you noticed. Like this authentic replica of his dragon ring from Master Replicas. Meticulously created in antiqued cast metal, with a pale glass center, if you like attention – it belongs in your collection.

Master Replicas is proud to offer this special replica of Jack Sparrow's ring as part of the Walt Disney Showcase Collection. It has been recreated with painstaking care to make you feel as dashing and daring as your favorite pirate everytime you wear it.
Retail Price $10.00