Men in Black
Limited Edition
Replica neuralyzer prop from the movie Men In Black 2.

Carefully recreated from the original prop used in MiB and endorsed by Sony Studios.

Constructed from durable machined and die-cast metal, each replica is polished and assembled by hand.

Authentic sounds directly from the movie's sound FX tapes.

Fully functioning (clicking dials, telescoping, flashes with xenon strobe flash).

This neuralyzer comes with a custom-designed display case, a stainless steel metal plaque, a Certificate of Authenticity .
The Men in Black are an elite squad of law-enforcement agents whose job is to "protect the Earth from the scum of the universe". To aid in this mission, the MIB forces employ many exotic alien weapons and devices in their battle against interstellar evil. One of these devices is the powerful, though non-lethal, neuralyzer  an ordinary appearing silver cylinder not much bigger than a pen that belies its incredible functionality. With it, a MIB field agent can selectively erase the memory of any individual or group exposed to the flashing light of the Neuralyzer. As a precaution the MIB agent must always wear special issue glasses while using the device to protect against erasing their own memory.

Several Neuralyzer props were created for use in MIB and MIB II each with slightly different details than the others. A careful observer may notice that in the MIB the Neuralyzer that Agent K used was fairly different from the unit employed by Agent J. In MIB II the Neuralyzer used by Agent J was fairly similar to the one he used in the first film with the exception of the top light, which was changed  rom red in MIB to blue in MIB II. Other minor detail changes were also made to the body of the prop. Master Replicas chose to replicate the Neuralyzer prop that was used by Agent J in MIB II.

Sony Studios loaned the original prop to Master Replicas for use as a reference when creating MR's replica. Hundreds of measurements and photographs were recorded to ensure that our replica was an exact match to the one seen in the
movie. During their study of the prop we discovered that many of the functions seen in the movie were actually visual or sound effects added in post-production. In order to replicate the functionality of the device seen on-screen the Master
Replicas engineers incorporated several light and sound features into the replica that the original prop didn't have.   Added were a Xenon strobe flash, click detents on the setting dials, and original sound effects recorded directly from the studio DAT (Digital Audio Tape).

The MIB II Neuralyzer is one of the most complex and challenging electronic replicas that Master Replicas has produced to date.  I hope that you will agree that it is one of the most exciting, functional replicas ever created!
Retail Price $199.00
Limited to 1,000 worldwide