Luke Skywalker ESB X-wing .45 Scaled Mini Helmet
One of three .45 scale helmets in the 2007 Collection. Every detail of this scaled replica is consistent with the quality and authenticity you expect from Master Replicas.

This .45 scale version of the future Master Replicas Limited Edition helmet replica of the prop seen in Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. 

Crafted from sturdy abs plastic, die cast metal, and other high quality materials, these stunning scaled replicas are accurately created using reference from the Lucasfilm archives.

Comes in a collectible quality presentation box with the prop story, and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Individual display stand made of black injection molded plastic . The top of the matte textured base is accented with a gold Star Wars logo and the name of the character.

Edition Size TBA
Luke Skywalker dreamed of escaping the dry, barren desert world of Tatooine for a life of adventure. A chance encounter with two rebellious droids and an aged Jedi Knight led him on a mission to rescue a captive Princess and earned him the reward of a commission in the Rebel Alliance.

Assigned the wing position of Red Five, Luke flew his starfighter in the Battle of Yavin against the Empire's mightiest weapon, the dreaded Death Star.

After Gold Group and then Red Leader failed in their attempts to target the vulnerable thermal exhaust port, the only known weakness of the planet-sized battle station, Luke began his attack run.  Using all his skills as a bush pilot in Beggar's Canyon back home, and with the Force now as his ally, Luke maneuvered down the Death Star's trench, evading enemy fire and even Darth Vader, to deliver the final devastating blow