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Your requests have been heard, so now there is a new feature to TSV and that is the deposit option.  This gives you the choice if you'd like to pay in full (you've got the money now and want it taken care of) you can!  OR if you don't have all the money now, or you just don't want to pay in full at the moment, you can make a deposit on the item.

How does this work?  On pre-orders only, you'll see two 'ADD TO CART' buttons.  One will be marked with the full 'shipped' price, and the other will have the deposit price.  Each button coincides with the price next to it.  Just click it like you would to purchase the item and then 'checkout'.  The balance is due when the items are shipped to TSV.

Then what advantage is it to pay in full on Pre-orders?  To be fair to those who pay in full, your spot will be ahead of the deposits.  This means if Master Replicas only sends half of TSVs order due to the fact that the item is allocated in 'waves', items will be shipped in order of who has paid the entire amount first.

Does this mean if it's a Limited Edition such as the Vader SE helmet and TSV only gets 'X' amount that I will be out of luck even though I paid a deposit?  No.  On limited items that would be heavily allocated like the Vader SE or Luke SE, you are guaranteed your spot if you pay in full when the balance is due.  TSV will show "sold out" once the orders (including deposits) reach the number of items allotted.

So I could possibly lose my spot for a limited item like the SE or some LEs if I don't pay on time?  Yes.  Items that this would affect are very popular, so this is fair to others that do want to get this item and pay on time.

Is the entire balance due by the due date with the deposit option? Yes.  If you want to just make payments, please email.  This is done on a case by case basis.

If you have any more questions, please email them!   And thank you for your time, and I can personally vouch as a collector myself that you will be pleased with all products that The Saber Vault sells.  All items here are something I believe to be of high quality and accuracy.  If you have any questions, please email.