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The Saber Vault started out life as JD Pilot's Lightsabers in February of 2002.  This was the time of Master Replicas announcement of being formed.  Having known one of the founders of MR, I asked him if I could be a dealer and advertiser in the Texas area.  He thought it was a good idea, but said it really wasn't his decision and but me in contact with someone that could.  JDPL started small with very limited orders.  It broke out of it's shell with the Vader ANH saber.  That's when more and more people found out about JDPL.  In 2003, I personally got to handle some of the UC LOTR swords, and absolutly flipped over them.  So, I decided to start carrying those as well.  This is also when the name changed to The Saber Vault.

I started movie prop replica collecting in the first part 1997.  I still consider myself more a collector than a dealer.  My very first prop replica was the Icons Vader Lightsaber, which I still have.  Over the years, I have learned a lot about Star Wars props and costumes.  I have made friends all over the world, many very tallented artisans which has made my collection what it is today.  I have taken so much from this hobby, I felt it was time to give back, thus I started selling Master Replicas props.  Over the years I have delt with some very good folks, and some very bad folks.  Using the knowledge of how I wanted things to be dealt with, I try to run The Saber Vault like every customer is myself. 

If there is any way I can make your experience better, please let me know!